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Natasha Stoneking talks about life in Nashville as mom, blogger and e-retailer

Natasha Stoneking talks about life in Nashville as mom, blogger and e-retailer


She’s a married mom of two girls who has been plugging away at her lifestyle blog, Hello! Happiness, for nearly 10 years.

With her blog still going strong, and as the owner of an online children’s boutique, I had to know how Natasha Stoneking finds balance in her busy life. She was gracious enough to share with me a glimpse into her world as a wife, mom, blogger and Nashville resident.

How long do you want to do this/how long can you sustain this?

It’s crazy to say I’ve now been blogging for 9-plus years … in the blogging industry, that’s a LONG time and I am lucky to say that my readers have followed me through life’s biggest moments and milestones. As long as I continue to enjoy what I am doing with my blog and my friends enjoy reading what I have to say, I think I will continue to publish content. As this niche grows and evolves, I am excited to see what the future holds! 
What is the best thing about being a blogger?

Getting to write what I want when I want… it’s been therapeutic to me to get to write and publish content that I enjoy creating, while establishing relationships with my readers over the past decade of my life. And yes, there are some AMAZING perks, including swag bags, free goodies from brands I love, attending events and conferences and making money doing what I love.

Is this a job or a hobby for you?  Does this generate income?

Blogging definitely started as a hobby and paid content wasn’t really a “thing” way back when. I did start monetizing my blog about five years ago and it slowly turned into a part-time job for me. It does generate income for my family, which has been helpful and has helped me fund my children’s e-commerce shop, Sugar Bit, as well.

Tell me about Sugar Bit. How did you get that started and how did you come up with the name?

Sugar Bit was born from a dream that I had always wanted to own my own retail business… once I became a mother, I found it increasingly difficult to make it to storefronts to shop for baby clothes, so I had the idea to start an e-commerce children’s shoppe where busy moms and gift givers could shop conveniently online. Even better, we hand write notes for each order that goes out, sharing Southern hospitality with our customers all over the country. As for the name, it was created with my girls, Caroline and Carson, in mind. When my oldest was an infant, I would ask her for “sugar” (AKA kisses), and we lovingly refer to Carson as “little bit”, so Sugar Bit was born!  

What is the most challenging thing about being a blogger and a mom?

Honestly, it’s time management and trying to get everything accomplished. I’m a Type-A person who is constantly on the go and loves to be busy, but sometimes I over commit and saying “no” is always a challenge. For me, I have to make daily to-do lists and focus on what HAS to get done… but family comes first and it always will, so my priority will continue to be my girls and my husband!  

photo courtesy of Natasha Stoneking

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

Watching my babies turn into little girls… full of imagination, curiosity, a zest for life and getting to experience all of their “firsts” with them. Every day is an adventure and I try to make it the best!  

What’s the best thing about raising children in Nashville?

The amount of things to do… as a native Nashvillian, it’s incredible to see the energy and growth of my hometown. There is ALWAYS something going on and raising a family here is something I am incredibly thankful for… our favorites include the Nashville Zoo, Bicentennial Mall, downtown Franklin, and the splash pads!

Are there any parenting apps or websites that you can’t live without?

First 5, You Tube Kids and Kids Doodle.
photo courtesy of Natasha Stoneking
Tag along with Natasha on all of her adventures by visiting her blog, Hello! Happiness, and visit her online children’s boutique, Sugar Bit, for trendy clothing and accessories for your little ones.

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