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Flood warnings are serious as creeks rise and roads disappear

Flood warnings are serious as creeks rise and roads disappear

PHOTO: Station Camp Greenway is partially submerged // Photo by Ashley Coker 



Flooding continued to sweep through Sumner County on Friday, inundating roads and requiring rescue operations.

About an hour before Friday morning’s flash flood warning for Central Sumner County expired, The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for Southeastern Sumner County after emergency management reports alerted them to ongoing issues.

The new warning includes eastern portions of Hendersonville, Bledsoe Creek including Castalian Springs and Bledsoe Creek State Park, Station Camp Creek, East Camp Creek, Liberty Branch and Town Creek including Gallatin. It is in effect until 2:15 p.m.

Water continues to rise in the Station Camp area // Photo by Joy Steidl

The National Weather Service is still advising residents to be cautious and avoid travel unless they are fleeing a flooded area.

Water rescues

Multiple water rescues have been made throughout the county since early Friday morning.

Three Sumner County school buses carrying children were trapped by high water this morning on Campbell Hollow Road, Rogues Fork Road and Buck Perry Road. Sumner County Sheriff Sonny Weatherford has confirmed that everyone got off the buses safely.

Gallatin Assistant Fire Chief Robert Richie confirmed that Gallatin Fire Department (GFD) personnel assisted Sumner County medical emergency personnel with recovering 17 children and a school bus driver from a stranded bus in fast-moving water on Buck Perry Road.  There were no injuries and all children were reunited with their families.

Richie also confirmed that a Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) helicopter was used to assist with rescuing a motorist from a vehicle that was stranded on Lower Station Camp Creek Road.  The THP helicopter landed near Notting Hill Drive, picked up a Sumner County swift water rescue technician and then lifted off and landed on a small piece of high ground near the vehicle. The rescue technician then threw the motorist a life line rope and guided him through the water to the helicopter’s location.  The motorist was flown back to safety.

GFD prepared to rescue one victim who was clinging to a tree in the Rogues Fork ares that was surrounded by water.  Before GFD personnel could rescue the victim, he self-extricated through the water. GFD personnel have no idea where he originated from or how he became stranded in the tree, according to Richie.

Richie said Hendersonville Fire Department and GFD rescued an elderly man and his dog from a trailer that had come off its foundation on Old Gallatin Road. GFD and Sumner County Emergency Management Association personnel worked together to rescue two additional people from the roof top of another nearby trailer that had traveled approximately 100 feet from its foundation.

Road flooding

The Station Camp area was hit hard when waters began to rise late Friday morning.

Lower Station Camp Creek Road was closed to traffic Friday, May 19, due to flooding // Photo by JOY STEIDL

The Bison Trail and all athletic fields at Station Camp High are closed. The school has asked students to move their vehicles to higher ground on the campus.

Several homes on Upper Station Camp Creek Road experienced major flooding in their yards and driveways. Lower Station Camp Creek Road is closed to traffic, and part of the Station Camp Greenway near Douglass-Clark House was underwater around 10 a.m. Friday morning.

Jeremy Greer, who has lived in one of the homes near Douglass-Clark House and the greenway for over two years, was shocked by the amount of flooding he came home to after dropping his daughter off at school this morning.

“I don’t remember any flooding this extreme here before,” Greer said. “I dropped my daughter off at school around 8:30 this morning, and when I got back everything was suddenly covered. Just like that.”

Greer worries that traffic and confusion will make it difficult for him to pick his daughter up from school this afternoon, especially if water continues to rise and more roads are closed.

Cummings Lane, Garrison Branch Road and Pee Dee Branch Road are also significantly flooded. These roads are not currently closed, but high water signs are in place to warn drivers.

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