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Brinkley inks with Tusculum College

Brinkley inks with Tusculum College

Thursday, November 9th – 11:25am Caitlyn Brinkley – Tusculum College – Softball Caitlyn Brinkley may be the most competitive person I have ever coached. She may smile a lot, and that is fine, but when the game starts the smile goes away. We tell players all the time that they have to think about the game and the situations before game time and how they cannot just turn it on when the game starts, Caitlyn can. Players would come to me her freshman year and tell me to have her calm down. I never went to her to calm her down nor would I ever. She is intense and wants to win every at-bat and make every play. I would take her attitude and her will to win in games every time. I am not a stat coach, I will say that if her stats were not good enough she would not be sitting up here getting ready to sign a college scholarship. Caitlyn has been a starter for four years and JPII. She has made ALL-State as an outfielder. Last year she made the sacrifice of moving to 2nd base for us in order to help the team. Did she like it? She never said, but she worked hard to play 2nd and played it well. This year, she will move back to centerfield, which I know she will be thankful. She has been one of our best hitters on the team. Tusculum is getting a good player. She loves the game of softball and I will miss the intensity that she brings and I will also miss the smile. –Jody Brothers, JPII Head Softball Coach

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