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Rogers not seeking reelection in 45th district

Rogers not seeking reelection in 45th district

By Kin Easter

State Rep. Courtney Rogers is living up to her political ideal of “citizen legislator” by not seeking reelection for a fourth term in office.

Representing the 45th district in the Tennessee General Assembly, an area that comprises part of Sumner County, the Goodlettsville Republican said it was never her goal to be a career politician.

“When a young person tells me, ‘I’m going to major in political science and go into politics,’ I ask them, ‘Why?’” Rogers said. “I tell them, ‘You need real-life experience.’ Our founders were silversmiths, farmers, and preachers. They had life experience.”

Spending time with family, Rogers said, was another reason why she chose not to run again.

“My youngest (child) told me to come home,” Rogers said. “It was that simple and that sudden.”

In politics, Rogers said, people should bring their experiences to the table while leaving room for others to serve in the future.

“If you make politics your entire career, then you are in politics just to stay in politics,” she said. “I think that compromises you a little bit.”

But Rogers said she is not advocating for term limits. After all, she said, voters decide how many terms they want their representative to serve. Rogers saw that happen firsthand having defeated a long-term incumbent, Debra Maggart, in the 2012 Republican primary. She nearly saw her own seat lost to Beth Cox in 2016.

Rogers’ first item on her list after her term is up is to clean house after having recently moved.
The greatest aspect of being a representative for Rogers was getting to know the people of Sumner County.

“In Sumner County,” she said, “there are so many good things people are doing. There’s more good in the world than I’m aware of.”

Two Republicans, Johnny Garrett and Cox, have picked up petitions for the Aug. 2 primary, but Cox withdrew hers.

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