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What you need to know before this tax-free weekend

What you need to know before this tax-free weekend


This weekend, the state of Tennessee will not collect sales tax on certain items, as part of their annual back to school holiday.

Since 2016, the sales tax holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. on the last Friday in July (this year, the 27th) and ends at 11:59 p.m. the following Sunday night (the 29th).

The sales tax holiday began in Tennessee in 2006; prior to 2016, the tax free holiday was the first weekend of August.

Several southern states like Florida, Alabama and North Carolina hold tax exempt weekends for back-to-school shopping, though some states like Connecticut and Maryland have a whole week.

After a recent sales tax referendum, Williamson County’s current sales tax rate is 2.75 percent. Added onto the state rate of 7 percent, residents in the county can save nearly 10 percent on eligible purchases this weekend.

Though the holiday is targeted towards helping out students and their families, anyone can take advantage of the sales.

According to the state’s website, merchants must participate in the sales tax holiday if they sell clothing or school items.

There is no limit to the number of qualifying items that can be purchased without sales tax during the holiday.

In state, online orders made during the holiday will qualify as free of sales tax.

Items that are tax free:

  • Clothing items under $100 dollars each, like bridal gowns and veils, baby clothing, boots, clerical clothing, prom dresses, bowties and swimsuits.
  • Computers worth $1,500 or less, including those that come with pre-loaded software, keyboards, and mouses.
  • School supplies, like workbooks, pens, scissors, art supplies, lunchboxes, calculators, and more. The $100 or less rule applies.

Items that are NOT tax-free:

  • Accessories like jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, ballet or cleated shoes, and sports and recreational equipment will not be exempt from sales tax.
  • Printers, printer ink, e-readers, keyboards and mouses, unless bundled with a computer.
  • Sewing materials, yarn, zippers

For a full, downloadable list of tax-free items, click here.

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