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Westmoreland police chief issues safety tips ahead of predicted storms

Westmoreland police chief issues safety tips ahead of predicted storms


Much of Middle Tennessee is on alert Thursday evening as tornado and flash flood watches creep across multiple counties.

Sumner County will remain under a flash flood watch throughout much of Thursday night, and Westmoreland Police Chief Ray Amalfitano wants to make sure residents stay safe.

“I am monitoring the weather very closely,” he said. “I don’t think, from what I am seeing or hearing, that it is going to be very bad. However I would ask we be as prepared as possible.”

Amalfitano issued the following tips:

•If emergency services services are needed, calling (615) 644-2222 will connect callers to Sumner County’s new consolidated dispatch. Callers must be sure to give their name, their phone number and their location to the operator, as well as a description of the problem. They should specify what city they are calling from.
•Keep flashlights handy and easily accessible.
•Keep cell phones fully charged.
•Avoid unnecessarily driving in bad weather.
•In the event that electricity goes out, do not leave candles unattended.
•Keep all medications or any medical supplies close by and easily accessible.
•Do not attempt to drive through heavily flooded areas.
•Do not attempt to move fallen trees. They could have unseen electrical lines wrapped around them.

“I will keep a watch on the weather and keep everybody updated,” Amalfitano said. “Keep in mind that we are out patrolling and ready to serve.”

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