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Tuesday night’s Hendersonville board meeting will discuss Batey Farm, Hedberg resignation

Tuesday night’s Hendersonville board meeting will discuss Batey Farm, Hedberg resignation


A full lineup of business is scheduled for Hendersonville’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting Tuesday night. The agenda carries such a heavy slate of key items that the meeting’s venue has been changed.

Hendersonville High School will be the site of Tuesday night’s meeting.

Crowds poured into the previous meeting two weeks ago. Two issues on the table brought a large number of constituents in attendance to the point that Fire Chief Scotty Bush had to address the crowd blocking exits.

The issues that brought a crowd stretched from the board’s meeting room to the foyer were votes on the Batey Farm property and the establishment of a local sports authority.

The board passed on first reading during that meeting, by a slim 7-5 margin, for approval to obtain half of the Batey Farm property. Private citizens raised more than $800,000 of the one million dollars needed to purchase the other half to have a 70-plus-acre passive park on the Indian Lake peninsula.

The other issue, the establishment of a sports authority, was tabled for Tuesday night’s meeting. That will get a first reading along with the second reading on Batey Farm.

Public comments during the past meeting for both items took up an hour-and-a-half. The board didn’t make their vote until 1:10 a.m. the following morning. All public comments concerning the sports authority were favorable for the proposal, although Batey Farm enthusiasts had their share of naysayers addressing the board.

Those speaking in favor of a sports authority spoke of a need for an ice skating rink and an indoor sports complex, saying that many athletes and their parents travel too often to Nashville to skate.

The board essentially decided it needed more details concerning a board governing the proposed sports authority, citing concerns of the autonomy of such an organization should it drive itself into debt and wondering who foot the bill.

Also scheduled for the agenda are remarks from Ward Three Alderman Angie Hedberg, who is resigning from her post effective March 23. Hedberg pled guilty to two DUIs within two months of each other last year.

78 petitioners from her ward demanded that Hedberg resign. Hedberg said in a statement that only one percent of the city’s population petitioned for her to resign, including those outside her ward, “denying the 99 percent who did vote for me their constitutional right to reelect me or not.”

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