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Sumner County Sheriff’s Office warns of scam

Sumner County Sheriff’s Office warns of scam

The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a scam.

The caller calls and tells the person “You Have a Warrant” scam. Generally this scam begins with a phone call and the caller may or may not have information about you, however they will attempt to convince you that you have a warrant for missing a court hearing or similar event.

Some common events the scammer uses is “Jury Duty” or “Sex Offender Registry”. The caller will then ask you to follow some pretty odd instructions like, stay on the phone, go to Wal Greens and get $1500.00 worth of Green Dot cards, they’ll ask what your mileage is on your car…etc

If you get a call from someone purporting to be an employee from Sumner County Sheriff’s Office and they ask you to pay them, it’s a SCAM. If you are afraid the call may be real, hang up and call 615-452-2616 and follow the prompts to the Warrant Divison.

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