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Station Camp shuts out Rossview in soccer semi-final

Station Camp shuts out Rossview in soccer semi-final

Tuesday night’s regional semi-final soccer game between the Station Camp High School Bison and the Rossview High School Hawks resulted in a 7 to 0 shutout.

The Bison launched into the game with a quick goal in the first three minutes of the game scored by Chase Freeman (#22) and assisted by Atakelti Gebregzabher (#18). Rossview tried to make a comeback with a shot from Zack O’Brien (#5) a few minutes later, but was denied by varsity goalie, Eli McCormick (#24). Freeman then went to score goal number two in the sixth minute with and assist from Caden McGranaghan (#21).

station camp rossview
Atakelti Gebregzabher of Station Camp boots in a shot for a goal.

This type of quick play was consistent from Station Camp. The team managed to maintain possession for the majority of the game with small intervals of intervention from Rossview. Zack O’Brien (#5) attempted another goal in the tenth minute but was shut down by a team effort from Hunter Beaty (#6) and Atakelti Gebregzabher (#18).

Atakelti Gebregzabher Then went on to score the 3rd goal with a hooking right-footed shot just past the Rossview defenseman.  The home team dominated the field, making the score 3-0 at half.

station camp rossview
Josh Street of Station Camp takes a shot.

Station Camp continued the offensive onslaught in the second half with a goal from Josh Street (#2).  The Bison added  two more goals from Atakelti Gabregzabher (#18) and Geivanni Balderas (#9) as well as a third goal off of a hat trick from Chase Freeman (#22). Rossview had a few attempts to score, but all were stopped by Eli McCormick’s replacement goalie Chris Palevo (#25). The Hawks substituted  Drake Paul (#16) for Tyler Jessen (#14), but even with the substitute and a goalie switch Rossview wasn’t able to break the shutout.

“We played fast and hard. That’s what got us the win,”  Station Camp’s soccer coach Tom Morand said. The Bisons’ speed of play was evident, but Morand thinks they can still get better.

“We can’t let the physicality get to us in games like this,” he said. The team will continue their season as they host Clarksville High at 7 p.m. on Thursday night.

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