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State GOP leader urges Casada to step down; Casada says he will regain trust

State GOP leader urges Casada to step down; Casada says he will regain trust

After the Tennessee House Republican Caucus passed a no-confidence resolution against Speaker of the House Glen Casada, the Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden joined those asking Casada to step down.

Golden released the following statement:

“The events and actions surrounding Speaker Casada have been a distraction from the great accomplishments of this Legislature and Governor Bill Lee. Our Republican leadership in the legislature took the right course of action by calling today’s meeting. The vote of no confidence by the Republican caucus sends a clear message; it is time for the Speaker to heed the advice of the majority of his fellow legislators and step down from his position of leadership and allow someone else to begin the process of restoring the trust of all Tennesseans.”

House Republicans met for several hours on Monday afternoon in a closed meeting at a Nashville hotel. They then voted in a secret ballot on the no-confidence resolution. With no public report on the vote, the result varied among local news outlets who spoke to different House members in the meeting, but all of the reports indicated that the vote was at least two-to one.

Casada continued to insist that he will remain as speaker, pledging in a prepared statement to “work the next few months to regain the confidence of my colleagues.”

The controversy over Casada, who represents portions of Williamson County, began when a series of text messages were leaked to NewsChannel5 Reporter Phil Williams. The texts included racist text messages sent by his now-former chief of staff, Cade Cothren, as well as allegations that his office submitted false evidence to Nashville prosecutors that resulted in revoked bail for Justin Jones, a black protester arrested at the Capitol earlier this year. There was also sexual banter between Casada and Cothren in the text messages.

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