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Portland police officer struck by passing vehicle on highway 52

Portland police officer struck by passing vehicle on highway 52


Portland Police Officer Alex Hill’s life flashed before his eyes on Sunday afternoon after his patrol car was struck by a passing car.

Officer Hill had just stopped a car on Highway 52 in Portland. As Hill was getting out of his patrol car to speak with the driver he had stopped, his patrol car was struck by a Brown Chevrolet Blazer. A 79-year old man from Robertson County was driving the vehicle.


Aaron Pickard Chief Deputy of the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office says Officer Hill is lucky to be alive.

“In this crash Officer Hill’s quick thinking is what saved his life,” Pickard said.

Luckily for Hill he will make a full recovery as he only suffered minor injuries from the accident.

The driver of the Chevrolet Blazer was cited for due care.

Last July, changes to the state of Tennessee Move Over Law took place. In the past the move over law only required drivers to move over when they see emergency lights; red lights on a fire truck, blue lights for a police officer or orange lights on a Tennessee Department of Transportation truck.

Now the law requires all drivers to move over for anyone with their hazard lights on. The law applies to every road from a side road or to an interstate.

Pickard hopes that drivers will be more cautious when they are driving.

“For over a decade, motorists have been required to move to an adjacent lane or substantially reduce their speed when approaching stopped emergency vehicles,” Pickard added. “I implore drivers to take just a few extra seconds to protect the lives of those at roadside.”

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