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Local students compete with 800 of their peers in STEM Expo at MTSU

Local students compete with 800 of their peers in STEM Expo at MTSU

ABOVE: When Saint Henry School (Nashville) eighth-grader John Cullen momentarily stepped away from his Middle Tennessee STEM Expo research poster and project April 9 inside Murphy Center, event neighbors Katie Kirkpatrick and Livy Greenwell, both 13, stepped in to show off his mini guitar. They are seventh-graders at Ellis Middle School in Hendersonville, Tenn. (MTSU photo by Randy Weiler)


Nashville teenager John Cullen has been playing electric guitar for two years. He takes lessons, and even has learned some licks to “Dust in the Wind” and Led Zeppelin’s classic “Stairway to Heaven.”

So it was in the Saint Henry School eighth-grader’s lane to design and build a wooden mini guitar as part of the sixth annual Middle Tennessee STEM Expo Tuesday (April 9) on the track level in Murphy Center on the MTSU campus.

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Hendersonville (Tenn.) Beech Elementary School fifth-graders Addi Care, left, Katelyn McCabe, Kailyn Lovett and Kaelin Howe were unified in style (pigtails and custom-designed T-shirts) and working together to complete their “Mysteries of the Houses” Middle Tennessee STEM Expo project. They presented Tuesday (April 9) in MTSU’s Murphy Center along with 50 schools and 800 fellow students. (MTSU photo by Randy Weiler)

The expo drew 50 Midstate public and private schools and 800 students combining for 400 research poster projects.

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“It was hard,” Cullen, 14, said of his well-thought-out idea and whose poster included a brief history on the experiments of sound, how sound works, key components of sound and more. His display featured a foam and Slinky-type gizmo to help explain longitudinal waves and how sound waves travel.

Robots, solar, school security and the effects of essential oils on E. coli growth were among the differing and fascinating ideas provided by the fifth- through 12th-graders.

“What was really nice was to see how much enthusiasm there is for STEM education in Middle Tennessee, to see how early the students are starting in school caring about STEM research and projects that impact our world,” said Greg Rushton, first-year director of the MTSU Tennessee STEM Education Center.

“Kids as early as fourth and fifth grade all the way up through high school … (created) really sophisticated projects, group projects, practical projects and engineering projects across the gambit of STEM,” Rushton added. “To see the impact that these students are going to have on this area because of the care they have for this work was really exciting.”

Goodlettsville, Tenn., Madison Creek Elementary School fifth-graders Ariana Page, 11, left, Isabel St. Jean, 10, and Lydia Hutchison, 11, proposed app functions to aid the general public in their “Think Before You Eat” research-oriented poster Tuesday (April 9) during the sixth annual Middle Tennessee STEM Expo in MTSU’s Murphy Center. (MTSU photo by Randy Weiler)

Nashville’s Harpeth Hall School and Rutherford County’s Stewarts Creek Middle School were among the top award winners announced during the closing ceremony.

Awards will be posted soon to the Middle Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub website: Organizers plan to hold the 2020 expo in early April in Murphy Center.

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