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Lady Vols softball brings neighbors together

Lady Vols softball brings neighbors together

Jaclyn Choate and Christian Lynn. // SUBMITTED


By Maren Angus

Jaclyn Choate and Christian Lynn grew up around the ball field.

They are both from Hendersonville and are now managers for the softball team at the University of Tennessee.

But they didn’t meet until softball held its introductory meetings for the 2017-18

“I remember when she said she was from Hendersonville and I think I forgot to say where I was from when we introduced ourselves to the team,” Lynn said.
From there, the two continued discussing what part of town they were from. Lynn asked what exit Choate lived off of, which led to the discovery that they actually lived in the same neighborhood.

“We knew exactly where each other’s houses were in the same neighborhood and
never knew each,” said Choate. “It was really weird.”

The story gets even weirder when the two spoke about where they went to school.
Choate attended Goodpasture Christian until fifth grade and then finished her
education at Harpeth Hall. Lynn also attended Goodpasture but the year he arrived was the year she left.

“My younger sister actually has the same sixth grade teacher as him right now at
Goodpasture,” said Choate. “I know. It’s crazy.”

The six degrees of separation doesn’t stop there though. Lynn’s dad, Johnny, is the head softball coach at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin. One of
Johnny’s former players is Sheridan Allen. She was actually a Pioneer when
Christian was a manager for his dad’s squad. They both took advantage of the fall
exhibition game between VSCC and UT.

“My dad and Ralph (Weekly) are pretty good friends. They play each other every
fall,” Lynn said. “I was already doing the same thing for my dad when I was done
playing basketball so he mentioned something to Coach Weekly, and here I am.”

small world
Front row second from the left is Sheridan Allen and on the far right of that row is Jaclyn Choate. // SUBMITTED

Choate committed to Hofstra University in New York for softball for the fall of 2015. After her freshman year, she decided majoring in biomedical engineering and playing softball was just too much so she decided to transfer to the University of Tennessee. Weekly told Choate there wasn’t a spot on the team but he had an opening for another manager, so she took it. The manager role reunited her with one of her first teammates from rec league as kid.

“My mom and dad helped Danny Allen coach one of our very first teams in
Hendersonville,” Choate said. ‘So Sheridan and I have known each the majority of our lives.”

Now that both managers have discovered how intertwined their lives are, it’s not
uncommon to see them talking after a game. In fact, after the third game against
Georgia on Monday night, Lynn introduced his neighbor to his family. They talked about how the initial conversation went but if it weren’t for Choate transferring out of Hofstra, that conversation would never have happened.

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