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Friends of Indian Lake Peninsula raise over $1 million to buy Batey Hill

Friends of Indian Lake Peninsula raise over $1 million to buy Batey Hill

The Board of Friends of Indian Lake Peninsula announced on Tuesday that they had surpassed their fund raising goal of $1 million to purchase Batey Hill, a wooded, 38-acre tract adjacent to 35 acres of the Batey Farm acquired by the city for public use this past March.

The land is the last significant open space tract on the peninsula, and together, the two parcels eventually will become a 73-acre park.

According to an announcement from Friends member Len Jannaman, the total collected for the purchase is now $1,006,000, which will help the group cover some of the closing costs and the insurance, as the actual purchase price. The group hopes to close on the purchase next week.

batey farm
Meetings to organize the movement to save the Batey Farm land started at the beginning of the year. // FILE PHOTO

According to Jannaman, “a sizable, anonymous donation from an individual who designated it to be used to kick start Phase 2,” was received on Monday.

Phase 2 giving will be used to cover operating expenses and to seed the fund for the improvements on the hill property.

Jannaman said momentum in the campaign built during the past several weeks, with several large donations from affiliates of TennGreen, and small donations from children running lemonade stands, selling their toys at garage sales, and issuing a video challenge to “Save the baby deer.”

Donors came from all around our Hendersonville and from 11 other states.

“Let’s continue the push well beyond $1 million so that we can cover closing and insurance costs and begin to establish a fund for starting Phase 2 and working with the city on Batey Farm as well!,” Jannaman wrote.

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