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Double header vs. Davidson is double trouble for Northpoint

Double header vs. Davidson is double trouble for Northpoint


Wednesday night’s softball double header at Davidson Academy earned the Lady Bears two wins as they took on Northpoint Christian School’s Lady Trojans.

The first game resulted in a 4-3 win for the Lady Bears but the score went back and forth before they ended with the lead.

Skylar Sopko

Skylar Sopko (#12) pitched for the Lady Bears and Kennedy Brown (#16) for the Lady Trojans. Sopko had two strikeouts in the first inning and scored the first run for the Lady Bears. Grace Spain (#21) and Jessica Lee (#27) also had hits that earned them a place on base.

Inning two caused a commotion as Desierea Smith (#25) tied the game for the Lady Trojans due to a single from Brittany Goudy (#2), after the Trojian’s pitcher, Kennedy, was hit by a pitch from Sopko. Both teams struggled for the upper hand as neither one of them could score a run.

Davidson Academy tried to score in the fourth inning but the player was thrown out at the plate.

They eventually take the lead in the fifth inning due to an error at first only to be answered by NCS with two more runs.

With tensions high and a chance at the State Championship on the line, the Lady Bears are up at bat. Sopko hits a double, sending in Davis Smith (#2) to tie the game. Davidson Academy finds their champion in Jessica Lee as she launches a ball down the first base line. Grace Spain rounds third and makes her way to home plate to win the game for the Lady Bears 4 to 3.

Mackenzie Nicholson pitches.

In the second game, the Lady Bears came out swinging as they score a run in the first inning from a ground ball out to second by Madison Shearon (#3). Senior, Mackenzie Nicholson (#23), stepped up to the plate to drive home a triple, scoring two more runs for the Lady Bears.

Nicholson also took the mound for one inning as the Lady Trojans attempted to tie the game, but came up short with only two runs, making the score 3-2 by the second inning.

Both teams had little luck scoring in the second. The Lady Bears had two ground outs, a fly ball, and base hit while the Lady Trojans had two ground outs and a strikeout by the freshman pitcher from game one for Davidson Academy, Skylar Sopko (#12).

The Lady Bears came back in the third with two more runs from Madison Shearon #3 and #25 who replaced Jessica Lee (#27) on second base after her double. The Lady Trojans gained no runs in the third, making the score 5-2.

As the fourth inning gets under way, the second batter is up to the plate, the pitcher winds up for a throw, and suddenly the field goes black. The audience barely sees the umpire jump aside as he yells “No pitch!” before the lights flicker off. The game was halted for 20 minutes as the athletic crew attempted to find the source of the issue. But the blackout did not come without entertainment. The Davidson Academy baseball team had come to cheer on the Lady Bears after their double header earlier in the day and provided their classmates, and the spectators, with a small concert as they waved phone lights and sang perhaps slightly off-key.

Jessica Lee launches the game-winning ball.

Once light returned and the game continued, the Lady Bears scored again without a comeback from Northpoint in the fourth. The fifth inning brought on an ambush of runs as the Lady Bears doubled their score from before the outage from five to ten runs. The Lady Trojans proved they hadn’t given up hope yet, but only managed to score one run from a hit up the middle. Davidson Academy came back to add to the lead in the sixth inning, making the final score 13-3 due to the mercy rule.

After the games, the Lady Bears coach Stacy Swinea commented on how proud she was of her team. One player in particular, starting pitcher Skyler Sopko (#21), had lost her grandfather earlier in the day, but still insisted on playing.

“The team rallied around her and they played so well. I’m also so proud of all six seniors. They really lead our team,” she said.

Coach Swinea said the team will continue to work and play just as hard as they have all season. “Everybody has to do their part. They’ve all bought into that and tonight was a real team effort,” she said.

The Lady Bears will continue to work toward the State Championship next week.

The Lady Bears.

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