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Local non-profit medical center changing lives in Sumner County

Local non-profit medical center changing lives in Sumner County

PHOTO: Jennifer Flanagan, President and CEO of Salvus Center / Photo courtesy of Salvus Center

By Tifany Hendrick

Jennifer Flanagan, President and CEO of Salvus Center, believes in the work her staff is doing for the community, and has seen first-hand how her organization is changing lives.

Jennifer oversees the day-to-day functions at the Salvus Center which provides Sumner County residents with quality low cost medical care. The Salvus Center was first opened in 2006 and since that time has helped more than 54,000 people receive medical care in Sumner County.

The Salvus Center is a faith-based healthcare organization that provides primary care to the working uninsured and their families. The idea was first developed by several CEO’s of the major healthcare centers in Sumner County who saw a need to reduce the number of people who were visiting the emergency room for their primary care needs. Spearheaded by Charles Bones and Steve Botts, this group sought to partner with experienced physicians and hospitals to serve as a patient’s primary healthcare provider.

The Salvus Center seeks to offer an alternative for people in the community who are employed, but unable to afford the costs of medical care. The cost of each office visit is based on a sliding scale and depends on the family’s income. It is important to note, not only does this facility care for those who are working, but also provides care for the other family members in the home.

The staff at Salvus Center wants to develop a relationship with their patients while also providing the same quality care they would find at any other physician’s office. If a patient needs to be seen by a specialist, the staff at the Salvus Center will make a referral to one of the many specialists with whom they have a relationship and who supports the mission of the Salvus Center.

The Salvus Center works with more than 200 hundred physicians and receives their funding through public grants, private donors and fundraising efforts.

To be seen at the Salvus Center, one just needs to provide proof of income. If unable to provide proof of income they can verify employment through a tax return or notarized letters. They welcome the self-employed and most Salvus Center patients are adults living below poverty level. 88% of the patients are living 200% or more below poverty level.

Jennifer shares, recently, the center helped a 50-year-old single female obtain a critical surgery needed to correct double cataracts. The woman had lost vision in both eyes and consequently her ability to drive. This impairment led to her losing her job as a factory worker and eventually her apartment as well. This patient reached out to the Salvus Center for help, and in conjunction with the Sisters of Christ, she was able to obtain the medical care needed to get her life back. This is just one of the many stories of how the Salvus Center is changing lives right here in Sumner County.

The Salvus Center will be hosting their Annual Spring Celebration Dinner on Saturday, March 31, 2018 at Bagsby Ranch in Gallatin. This is a key fundraiser which helps the facility operate. It is sponsored by several local businesses, including Sumner Bank and Trust and American Home Design, and co-event chairs, Johnny and Kara Garrett. It will feature a full reception, dinner prepared by celebrity Chef Mez, live music and a silent auction. The event will be hosted by News 17 anchor, Scott Couch. All of this is included in the $75 per person ticket price.

For more information contact the Salvus Center directly at 615-451-0038 or email Jennifer Flanagan at

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