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Gym customer becomes owner, gives Xtreme Fitness an extreme makeover

Gym customer becomes owner, gives Xtreme Fitness an extreme makeover


Portland’s Xtreme Fitness held a ribbon cutting last week to celebrate the changes that have taken place during the past year.

In October of 2016, Portland native Brandon West went from being a regular member of the gym to owner. What once was a crazy idea in six weeks became a reality. West, like many others at the gym, felt the the gym was going downhill and he wanted to do something about it.

“I was at the gym a lot and was constantly hearing people talk about needing to find a new gym to go to,” West said. “I went home and told my wife I had this idea and she thought I was crazy. Once I got to see the books, I made an offer and he accepted it.”

During the past year, Xtreme Fitness has underwent a total makeover. Every square inch in the building has been painted, new flooring was put in, got rid of some walls to maximize the space, and new equipment has been added.

Xtreme Fitness has partnered with Fuel Nutrition and Prep Chef in giving residents a chance to get clean food and supplements without leaving the city limits.

According to West it’s kinda like a one-stop shop for people who are wanting to eat clean and get vitamins and supplements for  bodybuilding or dietary.

“We have the great gym space and they have a great knowledge in what they do,” West said. “I put my name and face behind those guys.”

Prep Chef offers a nutrition and total menu planning designed to meet the different goals that people might have.

Xtreme Fitness has been in Portland for 14 years and you can access the gym 24-hours a day. For more information you can check them out here.

“My whole purpose was to give the people of Portland a chance to have a nice clean gym here in town,” West added.


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