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Gallatin man’s radio voice gets him on the air, on the phone, and into greeting cards

Gallatin man’s radio voice gets him on the air, on the phone, and into greeting cards


While you’re shopping for the perfect Father’s Day card, the voice you hear when you open the card
could be that of Gallatin resident Cam Cornelius.

Cornelius is a voice actor and recently did a Father’s Day card for Papyrus Greeting cards. The project came about when he got a phone call from Rick Sellers who does a lot of production for American Greetings and Papyrus. He asked Cornelius if he would be interested in auditioning to be the voice of a greeting card.

“I thought it was pretty cool,” Cornelius said. “I’d never done a greeting card and I read the script and sent it off to the audition.”

The company loved the audition so much that they bought the audition tape. A year later the greeting
card can be purchased in stores across the country.

According to Cornelius, most people think voice acting is just the voices you hear while watching cartoons. He explains that most people come across the work of a voice actor every day from waiting on a bus in public transportation, taking a test at work, or while you’re on a phone call waiting on hold.
“All of the voices you hear are from voice actors getting paid to read off a script,” Cornelius added. “During CMA fest I did some recordings for them in case bad weather took place during the event.”

Being in a recording studio is something Cam has known since he could talk. His dad, Stan Cornelius, was a music producer and most known for producing the iconic Johnny Paycheck song “Old Violin”.

Cam Cornelius began his radio career working for iconic Nashville radio station Y107 in the early 1990s as an intern. He quickly became an on-air personality and started to record commercials for the radio station. He got a call from Film House and started to record radio commercials for different clients.

“Working with Film House I learned you could get paid to do commercials,” Cornelius said.

Cornelius left Y107 and during the next few years did some radio work for 102.5 the Party, WAY-FM, and Metro Networks.

While working for Metro Networks, he got a call from WSMV Channel 4 to become a photojournalist.

Cornelius worked at Channel 4 for seven years and then went to Fox 17 and worked there for a few years.
After some time in TV news, he joined the Dave Ramsey Show as Director of Photography. While
working at Dave Ramsey, he got a call from Joe Loesch about an audio book that he had recorded
several years earlier. The company he had done audio book for had put it on the shelf and years later
wanted to release the book. They couldn’t release the book as one page of the script was never recorded.

“I had to go back and try to sound like I did 10 years earlier,” Cornelius added. “After finishing that project Joe kept on telling me that I should do the voice acting full time.”

His time working with Dave Ramsey came to an end after nine years last month. He decided the time
was right to pursue voice acting. He says his time working with Dave was great.

Cornelius has just completed work on a national radio and television commercial for Hardee’s that should start airing soon. He’s also done work for the Food Network, Pandora, and many regional projects across the country.

One of his favorite projects is his work at the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C.

“Everything I’ve done in my career has helped me get to where I am today,” Cornelius said.

With those experiences, he hopes that he can be a help to local businesses in Sumner County from
imaging, commercials, or maybe a greeting on a voicemail service.

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