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CMT’s hit show Nashville scheduled to tape in Portland on Saturday

CMT’s hit show Nashville scheduled to tape in Portland on Saturday


Filming country music videos in Portland is nothing new, but this weekend CMT’s hit television show, Nashville, will be filming scenes on Main Street.

Derrick Miller, of Exit Realty, did not know about the taping.

“They’re constantly doing something on Main Street,” Miller said. “We’ve had country music videos made on Main Street probably for the past 10 years. It’s probably been filmed at least a handful of times.”

Mayor Kenneth Wilber said that over the past year at least three country music singers have come to Portland to do music videos. Now, the street will be used for a hit television show and Wilber couldn’t be more excited.

“I think it’s just nice to know that your community can be a part of a TV series,” Wilber said.

In the episode, one character is making a visit back home to a small Texas town. The show is shooting the scene in Portland due to its scenery, which is similar to a place on the show called Aurora, Wilber said.

Although Portland resembles Aurora, the city will go through somewhat of a transformation for the few days of filming. “Actually, this weekend they’ll be changing the signs to say Aurora, Texas and one of the businesses will say Aurora Texas Trading Company,” Wilber said. “But it’ll be back like it’s supposed to be Monday.”

“It does bring a little bit of notoriety, but our community can be used for something like that,” Wilber continued. “Of course, they’re coming in and working with the local businesses… It brings a bit of income.”

There will be temporary street closures throughout the day. Wilber asked that the community be cooperative with those closures as they occur.

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